Life: Scars and Fears

This episode features the 70-degree fire survival, Itumeleng Sekhu-Pedi. She takes us through her jaw-dropping life experience that almost had the best of her existence, how she took advantage of the situation and how she turned her fears and scars into wins! Listen to this life-changing story.

Life’s Expectations

What are life’s expectations? How does it happen? How does it take us off balance and how do we keep within our wish lists? In this episode, Ola breaks it down into four categories.

Life Complications

What do you do when life gets complicated and there seems to be no way out? Let’s Talk about it – Easy Street doesn’t always exist and the unexpected happens sometimes.

Life Reels

Regardless of the odds set against you, Make a decision, rise up and make the best of your life because things definitely get tough. always be ready.